Our Story

 Meet Our Founder

Hi, I’m Jess Jackson and I’m in love. 

I’m in love with the peace I’ve found from embracing a life I love to live that's not only good but good for me.

I’m in love with embodying a healthy lifestyle and holistically focusing on improving myself emotionally and spiritually not just physically - aspects I was over looking for so many years.

After a decade-long of bad habits where I was constantly anxious with hidden bouts of depression, erratic sleep patterns, eating terribly (if I ate at all) and then masking it all by partying, disassociating from my body and total denial…. I mean sounds fun right? Narrator: It was not.

The emotional rollercoaster that was that lifestyle took its toll on me and my skin. 

Until one sliding door moment... I had a breakdown, rock bottom as they say and from then on I knew I needed to make changes so I went back to my therapist, exercised more, quit alcohol, deleted social media, took care of my skin, started eating better and went to bed earlier, you know 'the good stuff'.

I remember crying to the doctor exasperatedly saying “I'm doing all the things I’m meant to and I still feel anxious, I can’t shake it!”

He nodded along and proceeded to prescribe me antidepressants.

I just didn't feel that option aligned with what I deep down really needed, I knew there had to be an alternative which is how I came to find meditation and turns out it was the only damn thing that worked. 

I could sleep better and focus more as the brain fog started to clear I felt like I was coming back down to earth.

I mean it when I say meditation has radically changed my life. 

After years of working in tough, fast-paced albeit passionate industries like Media & Beauty, I found it didn’t align anymore, I was disenchanted and looking for more.

Fast forward to today; living in a new city, I’m an accredited Meditation Teacher and using my knowledge gained from years in the beauty world with my own experiences to share Good Living Only in the hope to help others become the best versions of themselves too. 

Since shifting to a more balanced lifestyle and delving into a journey with meditation I’ve unlocked a totally new version of myself; one free from anxiety and self-doubt and... 

I’ve never been happier… or more in love.  

Good Living Only Collagen Sheet Mask

Why Did You Start Good Living Only? 

I started Good Living Only because I want to empower people on their wellness journeys and I want people to know the power of calming your mind to calm your skin.

I believe by reconnecting with your body, focusing on being present and finding peace and harmony in your life you’ll see exponential results in your skin.

Regaining your true essence for a naturally glowing complexion.

Think of your skin as a mirror to how we treat our bodies. How we eat, sleep and play all have an effect on what comes out on our skin as an end result.

Feeling stressed? You bet your skin is going to look and feel the same way. 

Now I want you to think about that 'post-holiday glow' - why do we always come back from holiday with a noticeable glow?

Firstly we usually wear way less makeup whilst away (being free to be in our own skin) but secondly and most importantly; it's hard to be stressed on holiday.

We give ourselves permission to unwind, we relax and we even have fun! Day by day having fun in the sun our cortisol levels subside (also known as the stress hormone) that we have pent up from living a fast-paced life and our skin takes notice.

I want everyone to experience the total freedom, elation and new levels of untapped confidence that come with feeling good about yourself without makeup on.

Starting with using products that don't cause harm to you or the environment and continually calming your mind with meditation techniques to achieve radiant glowing skin.

I've found by shifting my lifestyle and focusing on harnessing the power of meditation my life and skin have completely transformed for the better.

I'm here to share what has worked for me to maintain good skin and help other people on their own wellness journeys.


Bondi Born, Australian Made & Owned.

Good Living Only Collagen Sheet Mask

How Did Your Journey With Beauty & Wellness Start?

I was caught up in a vicious cycle of bad skin.

Going to work I would wear a full face of makeup, reapply to go out after not taking it off to go to sleep and then wash it off in the shower the next morning.

Inevitably I would get bad skin from breakouts to blackheads my skin was a mess. I’d then put more makeup on to cover the breakouts and pimples for matters to only get worse.

I’d grit through the week with pounds of makeup on so I could get to the weekend where I could be makeup free. 

I knew I should let my skin breathe and not cover it with makeup but I couldn’t bear the thought of being seen without my ‘face on’.

It was ingrained in me, it was my confidence and without it, I felt undone. 

I got to a point where I wanted to start investing in myself and see where I could do better. I went to a skin clinic where I was told makeup is junk food for the skin - to see real results I needed to go cold turkey with ‘no makeup’ so my skin could purge all the bad stuff to start with a good base.

So I listened, if I was serious about making this change I had to go into the deep end. I went to work with no makeup on and I couldn’t even look people in the eye!

I kept my head down at my computer all day, went out at lunchtime and ran when it hit 5pm. Finally, it was home time and I sighed with relief.

All day I was so in my head about people judging me that I basked in the freedom to be at home in my naked skin in peace. 

Even though I felt nervous and awkward I was committed to the long-term benefits so I went back for more, day by day it got easier and feeling more comfortable I even went out for dinner bare.

I loved this liberation so much that I posted about it on Instagram sharing how I was so awkward in my own skin, how much I thought others would judge me and how much power I gave to makeup to make me feel confident.

Colleagues said they didn’t even notice (funny how our internal environment can be so different to the external) in fact friends commented that they actually thought my skin was glowing at dinner! 

I felt I was onto a good thing. 

 Only by going makeup-free did I start to break the cycle and changing my lifestyle to maintain.

Being a complete beauty junkie (I had 60+ brands in my beauty cabinet and every product you name it, I had it!) with my newfound awareness around makeup, I did an overhaul of all my products that contained harmful ingredients as I shifted from unconsciously putting anything on my face to being more conscious about what products were good for me and what ingredients they had in them.

As I started to take more care around what I put on my skin and into my body, I also started taking more moments for myself to meditate and be present within my body.

Once I’d quit makeup the beauty junkie spirit didn’t die overnight, especially as I was still working at the #1 Beauty Company in the World.

I channelled my love for makeup into skincare and that's when I found sheet masks which completely changed my skincare game.

I first started using sheet masks to calm me when anxious, I soon got addicted to the post sheet mask glow and Zen feeling.

I would sheet mask in the bath, while reading, after being in the sun then started to meditate with them on. I quickly found the masks made my skin glow as it doubled as a reminder to meditate - the two combined improved my skin enormously!

Good Living Only Collagen Sheet Masks 

What Does 'Take 10 to be Zen' Mean?

Take 10 to be Zen is your reminder that all you need is just 10 minutes to relax your mind and body.

It's your act of self-love to give yourself to improve your skin, mind and mood.

By taking a moment for yourself to relax your body by breathing, noticing where you may be holding any tension and unwinding any anxious thoughts you may be battling you'll start to rest your nervous system and help to decrease your cortisol levels (also known as the stress hormone).

Cortisol is the enemy of good skin, by reducing it you'll help reduce all the bad skin friends like acne, skin conditions, dryness and fine lines.

Collagen plays a big part in keeping our skin plump, hydrated and strong, but stress…. is a Collagen killer! Our masks are infused with Collagen to help your skin stay hydrated as you reduce your stress levels by Taking 10 to be Zen.


Welcome to Good Living Only.

I’m here to empower you to feel confident in your own skin so that you forget all about makeup.

So, come with us! Take 10 to be Zen by using our masks as your moment to improve your skin and mind for a well-balanced life.

One sheet mask at a time.