Mindful Cooking and TikTok for Self-Care with Sophie Fisher

From creating viral TikTok recipes to teaching pilates and barre classes, Sophie Fisher the multi-passionate wonder woman behind @coconutandbliss and @burnandbliss shares with us how she achieves a life of balance by maintaining fitness, nutrition and self-care in her busy life.

Sophie even advocates for TikTok being a self care act, and she has our attention! Read on to learn more...

Sophie Fisher X Good Living Only Mindful Cooking and Tiktok for Self-Care

Lady, we may need to get you a hat rack for all the many hats you wear! With the bouncing between your different roles, how do you find balance? 

In recent years, I’ve gotten much better at finding balance although it’s definitely still a work in progress! Having a full-time office job in digital marketing, teaching pilates and running C&B means there’s always something to be done. I make a conscious effort to schedule downtime, particularly on the weekend and before bed. Lately, I’ve been really into journaling at night. Once upon a time I would’ve been editing reels or doing emails right up until I went to sleep but now I prioritise a nice wind-down period. 


How do you start each day? Do you have a morning routine or certain rituals or non-negotiables you do daily?

I go through phases with my morning routine but I always start with small habits that energise me for the day ahead. Lately, I’ve been loving cold showers after waking (it has amazing health benefits like steadily increasing dopamine levels) then taking some time out to do my skincare including a 5-minute gua sha. 


You have amassed a cult following across Instagram and TikTok with some of your recipes having over 1 million views. That’s a lot of people that love what you create! Where did your passion for food come from? 

I’ve been a cooking fanatic from way back! As an 8-year-old, I’d rush home from school and make ravioli from scratch, so this passion is something that’s continued to evolve over the years.

Cooking is like meditation to me - it calms me and allows me to feel entirely present in the moment. There’s something that feels so wholesome when I share my creations with friends and family too - it fills up my cup!

Coconut and Bliss by Sophie Fisher X Good Living OnlyCoconut and Bliss by Sophie Fisher X Good Living Only

 How would you describe your cooking ethos? Do you love to cook for health, for joy, for the soul? 

For me, eating and food are about enjoyment and balance. That’s why I include a real mix of recipes in my repertoire ie some ‘healthier’ versions of classic favourites as well as more decadent dishes. My content definitely has a health overlay, however, I do this in a way that’s sustainable and relatable for my entire audience. I really don’t believe in being obsessive about anything, particularly when it comes to diet and would much rather focus on flavour and the mindset of ‘food as fuel.’ 


How does food play a part in your busy life? Do you eat certain foods based on how you feel some days or create recipes that will fuel you for a busy day ahead? 

I consciously eat in a way that works well with my routine (despite being a real creature of habit!). I find my mornings are always pretty busy -  whether I’m out or WFH I like to start the day with something pretty sustaining like baked oats. If I’m teaching a block of pilates classes (particularly at night) I’ll make a big protein smoothie before I go as I know I’ll be eating dinner late and I’ve learned it’s always good to think ahead and be prepared. 


Your recipes are a combination of savoury and sweet, with some delicious creations in the mix. How much pressure do you feel to post certain recipes and how do you mentally cope with the feedback about putting your creations out into the world? 

There’s certainly lots of pressure in the world of social media around what to post vs what not to post but at the end of the day, I’ve learned to share content that resonates with my philosophy. 

It’s impossible to please everyone and I think that’s something every creator will eventually come to terms with. If I post something ‘healthy’ like a salad, people claim I’m ‘promoting eating disorders’ and if I post something ‘unhealthy’ like a rocky road, others tell me I’m ‘encouraging obesity.’ These comments used to eat away at me - the thought of disappointing people was upsetting. I guess over time, the more you’re exposed to this behaviour, the more you’re conditioned to it and don’t let it worry you and now, it’s water off a duck’s back! 

Good Living Only Sophie Fisher WellnessGood Living Only Sophie Fisher Wellness

What do you think is the most important part about creating an exercise routine and what advice can you give to people struggling to maintain consistent exercise?

We all know it, but movement is so powerful for the body and mind. My first piece of advice is to focus on your workout routine - don’t compare it to those around you. Everyone’s routine will look really different based on their preferences and what works for their body. For example, mine is very low impact - lots of mat pilates and walking with small amounts of high-intensity cardio in between. It took me years to work out that you can only be consistent with a routine if you do what you truly love and aligns with your body. 

My second piece of advice is to go wild and try everything! Do a boxing class, go for a run, try reformer. Once you find that ‘thing’ you love, you’ll know!

My third piece of advice is to remove the pressure and start slow - some weeks your body will crave exercise more than others so listen and be kind to it. 


What does self-care look like to you and how do you incorporate self-care into your life?

I walk every day for at least 30 mins  - it’s an opportunity to reflect and process things that are on my mind.

Skincare is also a really important aspect of my self-care routine - it’s therapeutic! This includes gua sha, regular masks as well as exfoliating.

This last one may be a bit controversial but allocating around 20 mins a day to scroll TikTok. My FYP has a lot of motivational content and life advice - I can genuinely say I’ve grown through better understanding these concepts and applying them to my own day-to-day.


Who or what inspires you the most? Where do you draw inspiration from for your recipes and classes?

So much and so many people! I love using social media as a form of inspiration but sometimes, you can’t beat flicking through a good, old cookbook. I work for Coles mag - and so a lot of my ideas spark from things I’ve learned over the years.

In terms of Pilates, the majority of my inspiration has come from other instructors at the studios I teach at and my mentors. There’s also great inspo on Instagram, there’s so much out there!


Lastly, before you go, can you leave us with 5 things we could add to our shopping baskets each week to ensure our lunch choices are mostly healthy with little time to prep?

  1. Frozen shelled edamame beans - great for adding oomph to salads or a topper for avo toast
  2. Avocado and….
  3. Sourdough - can’t go wrong with a smashed avo if you’re short on time
  4. Fresh herbs - adds so much flavour to everything
  5. Eggs - if you’re in a rush then a quick veggie-packed omelette is the way to go 

Thanks for sharing with us Sophie! If you want to learn more about Sophie's mouthwatering recipes head to either Instagram or Tiktok here:




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