What is Bio-Cellulose?

You've probably seen Sheet Masks before but it's the first time you see the words Bio-Cellulose next to it and you think... What on EARTH is Bio-Cellulose? 

Bio-Cellulose is a natural fibre made from coconut and is able to absorb more than 1000 times its weight. This means it can retain vast amounts of liquid by soaking it all up into the fibres and then letting your skin absorb it all back - making the masks a magnet for hydration.

The mask acts like a second skin and is able to contour to your face for intense hydration and helps seal in all the active ingredients.

What's the difference between other cotton masks and Bio-Cellulose ones?

To start with, a larger amount of serum can be held by a Bio-Cellulose mask in comparison to a cotton one. More serum = more hydration = more fun. 

When we look at the effects cotton sheet masks have on the environment we know the process of manufacturing cotton involves a considerable amount of energy and water used.

Selecting Bio-cellulose masks is not only a natural alternative but a biodegradable option as producing them doesn't have devastating effects on the environment, which is something we feel strongly about at Good Living Only. 

"Bio-Cellulose has been dubbed as the Gold Standard of mask materials."

What also makes Bio-Cellulose a superior mask type is the duration you can keep your mask on for is... limitless!

With cotton masks the longer you leave them on they can start to have the reverse effect known as reverse osmosis. Once the cotton sheet dries out it starts to reabsorb moisture from the skin and if left on for too long it can take back more moisture than what was there to begin with, leaving your skin less hydrated than when you started.

Be careful to not over-extend usage time with cotton sheet masks, any longer than 10 minutes is not recommended. Using a Bio-Cellulose mask? You can leave it on for as long as you like.

We recommend at the very least 10 minutes and when you can, to mask in peace. This is your moment for yourself so take a deep breath and let the mask melt into your skin as you let your day and anything that is causing you stress melt away with it.

The Take 10 to be Zen movement is your reminder to get back into your body and out of your head for a calmer mind and in turn calmer skin. 

By choosing a mask that's made from Bio-Cellulose, not only is it better for the environment but you will personally see much better results by unlocking deeper levels of hydration, what's not to love?

Interested in trying the difference or just looking to up your self-care game? Head here to shop our Bio-Cellulose HYDR8 Mask or find out more about Take 10 to be Zen here.
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