8 Benefits of Infrared Sauna's

Looking for a relaxing way to Naturally Detox and still feel like you've been to the gym without the smelly change rooms?

Well, look no further… Infrared Saunas are your answer.

Infrared saunas use infrared panels to heat the body from within, unlike traditional saunas that use steam to heat the space.

Direct infrared heat penetrates tissue more deeply and produces a more potent sweat at a lower temperature. Traditional saunas are normally heated to 65–80°C, whereas infrared saunas are often heated to around 50–60°C.

Although the temperature is lower, you still get a powerful sweat just in a considerably more bearable environment. Essentially the infrared saunas heat you from the ‘inside out’ as opposed to the ‘outside in’ like traditional saunas.   

Perfect for people that can’t stand the heat of traditional saunas and feel like they’ve been locked in an oven (just us?). So let’s unpack what you can expect from incorporating infrared into your life and why you should start yesterday. 

1. Improves Skin

Sweating out any impurities that may be trapped under your skin and helping with blood circulation, it will allow your skin and cells to rejuvenate leaving you with glowing skin. 

2. Naturally Detoxes 

By sweating out toxins, saunas naturally encourage your body to go through detoxification and can also help to reduce water retention. By sweating out toxins you can help to increase your metabolism, but remember to drink lots of water afterwards to help flush out any remaining toxins and replace the water lost. You can sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt in your water or take some soluble Vitamin C or hydralytes to help replace the lost fluids and avoid the detox hangover. 

3. Take 10 to be Zen

The Infrared Sauna is the perfect place to meditate, and hear us out…. it’s quiet and by focusing on your breathing you can withstand higher temperatures meaning you can reach a deeper detox. Bring a wireless speaker and choose some relaxing music, for those new to meditation you can choose a guided meditation that will guide you through the session. Close down your eyes, focus on your breathing and let your thoughts come and go.  

After your sauna is the perfect time to put on your Good Living Only Mask 

It’s a shameless plug we know *eye rolls* but it truly is the best time for skincare. After being in the sauna your pores are enlarged due to the heat so it’s the perfect time to use our Good Living Only mask, using post sauna will allow the active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin. Make sure its our Biocellulose Mask as other cotton sheet masks will dry out and fall off your face.

However, you can also wear the face mask in the sauna if you prefer, before it gets too hot that is! If you aren't in the mood for a deep sweat have the temperature below 40 using the time to mask and meditate in a warm, cosy environment. 

4. Helps Sore Muscles

The heat is perfect for relieving any niggly muscle pain and helps to ease any stiffness, think of the feeling you get after a massage when your body is all soft, the same thing happens post sauna - just less tiger balm. Up your sauna game by doing stretches or even slow yoga and voila, it's Bikram.

5. Better Sleep Quality

Just like after a big workout unbeknownst to you, your body has been working hard in the sauna, so come bedtime it’s living for a deep rest to recharge after pumping all of that blood and oxygen around your body under those hot conditions. You will, we repeat.. You will sleep like a baby and it's wonderful.

6. Pain Relief

Similar to helping sore muscles the wonderful healing powers of the infrared sauna can help to ease pain elsewhere. As long as you keep your water intake up in the sauna, headaches can subside as well as any other pain you may have. This one is for the ladies, think cramps and swollen breasts going, going, gone! It’s like a heat pack on steroids.

7. Wound Healing 

Got a cut, abrasion, bruise or even had a laser treatment? The sauna can help wounds heal quicker by increasing your blood circulation.

8. Increased Immunity 

The magic of infrared can also help to reduce symptoms of the common cold.. Mighty helpful in the age of pandemics. 

9. Bonus - LED Therapy 

Some saunas come with LED lights also known as Chromotherapy meaning the science of using colours to adjust the body’s vibrations for healing benefits. 

Now if none of the above tickles your fancy then I implore you to go purely for the relaxation, with 45 minutes of uninterrupted alone time it's your gateway to being comfortable with silence and within your own company that it's a form of meditation. The benefits of meditating? We’ll save that for another post.


Looking for a place for a relaxing sweat sesh? Check out these places below.



Nimbus & Co - Bondi, Byron & Manly (Coming Soon)

Slow House - Bondi Beach

Koa Recovery - Waterloo



Willow Urban Retreat - Armadale

Nimbus & Co - South Yarra

Vitality Organic Allied Health - Middle Park



Urban Recharge - Brisbane


Whilst here at Good Living Only we promote better ways of living, a reminder that the above is not health advice and if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing health conditions seek advice from your healthcare provider before including infrared sauna-ing into your routine. Remember to always drink plenty of water before, during and after your sweat sesh otherwise, things can get dizzy!

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